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Best Windows for Victorian Style Homes

The elegance and charm of the Victorian home style are unmatched by any other architectural style. In a Victorian home, every detail contributes to the overall aesthetic, and the windows are no exception. As Chris and Carol embarked on a renovation project for their gorgeous 1890 Victorian home in Port Townsend, WA, they soon realized the crucial role that windows played in their home’s appeal, both inside and out. They soon realize that Renewal by Andersen windows is the answer to the question: Who has the best windows for Victorian-style homes?

In an episode of At Home With Laurie, Chris lovingly describes how two particular rooms in their home fill up with beautiful light, especially in the morning. And even once the sun sets, they delight in the beautiful view of the ships in the evening from their parlor at the back of their home.

Carol shares the surrealness of feeling like she’s walking into a real-life dollhouse, with all the vintage furniture and trinkets that could be in a museum.

Find out more about this unique renovation project, like Renewal by Andersen® of Seattle, a trusted provider of double-hung windows, shares Chris and Carol’s story below.

Starting the Project

Chris and Carol met a Renewal by Andersen agent at a home show. Afterward, a design consultant paid them a visit in their home. Upon looking at photos of the home taken in 1890, the consultant noticed how the old windows had muntins, a rich detail that they could reintroduce in the renovation.

Thrilled by the idea of adding muntins to their windows, Chris and Carol agreed to the suggestion. However, this required creating custom windows, which would naturally take time. In the interview with Laurie March, the couple recalled how they felt okay about the process no matter how long it took because they knew they were “doing it right.”

The Difference New Windows Can Make

Once the window replacement process was completed, Chris and Carol instantly felt the difference between the windows made in their home. Carol shares how “blessed” she feels to be in a home-like theirs. Nowadays, it’s no longer easy to find the types of wood and the quality of craftsmanship featured in their Victorian home. She shares her gratitude for having the opportunity to make and keep something so beautiful. Their Victorian home is now almost 130 years old, and Chris says he’s confident it will outlast them.

Watch more episodes of At Home With Laurie, an all-new digital series from HGTV personality Laurie March and Renewal by Andersen, and join us in our search for unique homes and amazing renovation stories across the country.

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"We were very pleased with the process. Our windows are beautiful, and we are very happy we made the decision to choose Renewal by Andersen."

Tom | Seattle, WA
November 10

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