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The Roles of Glass and Frame Material in a Window’s Performance

Centuries ago, “windows” were holes in the wall covered by fabric or even animal skins, as glass was a luxury that only the wealthiest could afford. It was only in the 16th Century that glass windows started to become widespread. Today, glass windows are a staple in any home or building.

Considering Window Glass and Frame Material

Renewal by Andersen® of Seattle, your window replacement company, shares how modern window glass and frames can help drive your utility bills down.


One of the biggest breakthroughs in the window industry was the development of low-emissivity (low-E) glass. Unlike ordinary glass, low-E glass has a special coating that prevents ultraviolet and infrared rays from fading your furniture and heating up your home. It offers similar thermal control as tinted glass, but without restricting the amount of visible light that enters your home. Low-E glass also helps reduce noise pollution by minimizing sound penetration. In addition, modern double-hung, casement and gliding windows now feature dual panes. This design is better than single-paned glass, as it offers far better insulation.

Framing Material

Wood has a timeless, natural look that’s hard to beat, but in terms of performance it has some problems. It tends to rot when exposed to moisture, which can lead to serious issues. As an alternative, people started switching to vinyl because it’s more water resistant. Vinyl isn’t perfect either, however, as it tends to buckle and crack when exposed to heat. Fortunately, Fibrex®, a composite window material, combines the insulation quality and beauty of wood with the moisture resistance of vinyl, giving you the best of both worlds.

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