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Reasons to Consider Casement Windows for Your Home’s Facade

When choosing replacement windows for your home’s facade, you need to be sure to consider aesthetics along with other key features like ventilation and energy efficiency. Casement windows are a great option because they excel in all these categories and more.

Reasons to Consider Casement Windows for Your Home Facade

Read below to learn why casement windows make a great choice for your home’s facade.

It’s All in the Mounted Hinges

The main feature of casement windows is the mounted hinges. They allow you to swing the sash open like a door, letting fresh outdoor air in to circulate around your home. Also, the angle of an open sash can catch side breezes, which is something other window styles are not capable of doing.

Security Measures

Another reason to consider casements for your window replacement project is the added security. Of all the window styles, they are the most difficult to break into. Hook locks are embedded on the interior part of the windows. By turning the hand crank, the sashes lock up at multiple points to ensure a firm seal. This tightness also prevents the elements from entering your home.

Better Views

Casement windows are ideal for maximizing a beautiful view. They feature glass panels that have the option to be fitted with muntins. Apart from framing the scene outside, they also admit abundant natural light into your living space.

Turn to Renewal by Andersen of Seattle for the best window styles available. Aside from casement windows, we also offer sliding, double-hung and bay windows, among others.

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