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Project Spotlight - Summer 2019

A Unique Window for a Unique Space

We did a full replacement of two large gliding windows and transformed the client's space into an open oasis. They now have a large picture window looking into the the lush green forest, protected by our smartsun glass. Our client loved that we provided such a unique option and that we could make her vision a reality.
Unique Window in a Custom Bathroom

25 New Windows After Moving 25 Times!

Washington Installers Having Fun

25 New Windows After Moving 25 Times!

We were delighted to work on this project. The homeowner had 25 windows that needed to be replaced, and two patio doors. The homeowner had moved twenty-five times! They realized it was time to pick a forever home and make it perfect. That's where we came in! We pulled out all of their old aluminum and vinyl windows. We had the opportunity to pull out all of those vinyl windows, and replace them with special oak frames that perfectly match the aesthetic of the home.
Custom Frames

Four Panel Door & Four Custom Windows

These homeowners are in the proccess of renovating their dream home. They were so excited with the decisions they made with their design consulted that they asked for help picking their roofing and siding. The homeowners were smitten with our single source accountability and loved our glass options. The star of the show was their 4 panel door which completely transformed their space.
Unique Openings
Custom Windows in an Upscale Seattle Home

Double Hung Windows for a Gorgeous Brick Home

Gorgeous Double Hung Window in Seattle

Double Hung Windows for a Gorgeous Brick Home

Our client has a historical 1928 brick home. He was inspired to rid of his dry rotted windows from his neighbors who are also clients of ours and love their windows.
We're always delighted to work on unique homes, and catching this shot in the twilight of the day made the job that much more enjoyable.
Brick Home

"Our windows are beautiful, thank you so much!"

Jess | WA
November 30

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