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Hinged or Gliding: Which Patio Door Style to Choose

When it comes to patio doors, you have two main options: the modern sliding door or the traditional French door. While different aesthetically, both work well in establishing a seamless connection between your indoors and outdoors. Read on to learn about the features of sliding and French doors and how each would fit in your home.

Hinged or Gliding: Which Patio Door Style to Choose

Hinged French Doors

French doors exude a style and sophistication reminiscent of traditional European architecture. Given their history and evolution, these hinged patio doors remain a top choice among homeowners who favor a classic aesthetic.

Today’s French doors have become more versatile than ever. The iconic design is made possible through the doors’ wide board frame and panel construction, utilizing mortise-and-tenon joints to ensure better strength. This look is perfect for traditional home interiors.

One thing to note about French doors is that they do require floor space to operate as they swing open. For this reason, they work best in rooms where space is not a concern.

Contemporary Sliding Doors

Also known as gliding patio doors, sliding doors add a modern touch to any home style. Characterized by their narrow frames and expansive glass area, they provide a clear view of your outdoor living space. Their construction allows abundant sunlight to enter and brighten up the home.

Unlike French doors that swing open, sliding doors move along a horizontal track, which means they don’t require any floor space to operate. This makes them a great choice for smaller homes.

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