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This Fathers Day, Save Dads Back!


It’s Father’s Day!

Once a year on Father’s Day, our family at Renewal By Andersen pause and show respect, appreciation, and love for fathers. This year, we chose to acknowledge some of our hardworking fathers as well as inspiring stories from employees with fathers who motivate them.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Rose and her father at a baseball game
Rose and her father at a baseball game

Rose is our head event marketing coordinator here at Renewal by Andersen. She unintentionally fell in love with her career here due to her father’s trade of owning and operating his own entertainment company for 30 plus years. She had been working at his events since she was 13 years old and had gained respect for his practice through seeing how hard of a worker he is, she mentioned: “ He’s retired and he’s still taking care of business, he really does lead by example and loves what he does.” Her dad has inspired her as a leader to be a compassionate service to her employees and often shares conversations about their trade together regarding motivating each other, their wins and losses and following with advice to be resilient and confident in every decision she makes, but to first and foremost lead by example.

…A Young Innovator

Father and daughter having fun on fathers dayChad and his family love the outdoors, his family plans to spend quality time together this Father’s Day riding dirt bikes and participating in the company hike. He plans on including the outdoors into more of his family time this summer by teaching his 3-year-old son and younger daughter how to work on his can an X3 XRC motorbike. He was so proud when his son learned how to ride his own motorbike and is impressed by how involved his daughter is with helping him modify the engines and suspensions, “she loves her little play drill, she’s going to be very innovative when she grows up. I can’ t wait!” Chad is continually inspired by both of his kid’s willing to learn and adventurous spirit.

The Graduate!

Father's day celebration of graduation day
Proud father of 3 college graduates!

Cleo is a very proud father with all 3 of his kid’s finally graduated high school and college, he plans to enjoy his summer by blowing up a photo of all of them on their graduation day together, alongside with improving his craft of wire wrapped jewelry. His youngest daughter who is the most recent graduate from high school will simultaneously finish her associate’s degree in the fall and has high hopes to join the Air Force. Without a doubt, he said, “My favorite memory of my kids was their birth, each one of them.” He plans to spend his Father’s Day with his family on a picnic near one of their favorite outdoor spots. As his children begin to fly the coop, he is thankful that they are growing up to be good people and is looking forward to this new chapter in his life.

Save Your Dad’s Back!

Let us do the work

Renewal by Andersen understands the importance of quality family time. We pride ourselves on giving our employed family the opportunity to enjoy quality time with their own families on our own company trips. Allowing your dad the time to have quality time with your family we find is just as important. Let us do that work he’s been planning to do on the house so that he can enjoy his summer with you!

One last thing to check off Dad’s to-do list!

We know that Window and/or Patio Door project has been on your dad’s plate for a while. This year, for father’s day, try saving your dad’s back by hiring Renewal by Andersen. We provide a start to finish customer service that will save your dad’s back and still finish that Window or Patio door project that’s been on his to-do list for some time.


"Our windows are beautiful, thank you so much!"

Jess | WA
November 30

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