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Crank Casement Windows: Care and Maintenance Tips

Casement windows provide beautiful views and effective ventilation, and are the most energy-efficient operable window style. Modern casement windows are operated using a crank mechanism, which helps keep the sash in position, and makes it easy to open and close the window. In this blog, window replacement company Renewal by Andersen® of Seattle shares care and maintenance tips for crank casement windows.

Test the Casement Window First

Operable windows have moving parts, such as hinges and rollers. Casement windows have three sets of moving parts that may require lubrication: locking mechanisms, operator arms and the crank enclosure. To check if the casement window needs lubricant, try opening it as far as it will go without resistance. If at some point you feel resistance, or if it feels like it’s grinding, take the crank back a few turns. Clean as much dirt and grit from it as you can using a brush and a can of compressed air, or a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Use Silicone-Based Lubricant

Spray silicone-based lubricant on the operator arm joints and locking mechanisms. Avoid oil-based lubricants as they tend to linger and attract dust and dirt. Depending on the type of crank mechanism your casement window has, you may be able to remove the crank and the mechanism cover.

If yours is like this, remove the mechanism cover, spray some lubricant, then wait a few minutes while the lubricant works itself into the mechanism. Reattach the cover and reinstall the crank, then try opening the window again. The same type of lubrication can be used on locking mechanisms on other window styles like gliding windows.

You Can Clean the Sashes Indoors

Casement windows can be opened in such a way that you can reach around the sashes to fully clean them. This differs from traditional casement windows where the sashes are attached to the hinge. This feature has proven to be effective that all Renewal by Andersen casement windows have this feature.

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