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Bay Windows: Adding Value to Your Home

Many homeowners are always on the lookout for budget-friendly ways to improve the comfort and appeal of their homes. Fortunately, it’s not necessary to do a major renovation to make a difference. A few modest upgrades can do wonders. One way to achieve this effect is by installing a bay window.

Bay Windows Adding Value to a Home

Renewal by Andersen of Seattle, your local window replacement contractor, discusses everything you need to know about this window style and how it adds value to a home.

About Bay Windows

A bay window consists of a central window and two additional windows on either side. When combined, they protrude outward from the side of the home. The center window is usually a picture window, which offers a large, uninterrupted glass area to maximize your view. The side windows can be any operable window, such as double-hung or casement windows. Both of these options will deliver plenty of ventilation.

An Addition to an Existing Space

One way bay windows add value to your home is by providing additional indoor living space. The area in front of the window sills can serve as window seating, which can help supplement existing furniture. This window style can give an instant boost to the indoor appeal of any home.

Given their wide expanse, bay windows will also provide your home’s interior with a panoramic view of the outdoors, allowing natural light to enter the room from different directions. Consider this window style if you want to achieve an illusion of more space through the use of daylighting.

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