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4 Common Door Problems and How to Fix Them

A door only needs to open and close to work, right? Unfortunately, this operation is not as simple as it sounds and can be compromised due to the effects of extreme weather, relentless sunlight and aging.

4 Common Door Problems and How to Fix Them

In today’s post, we discuss four of the most common problems we encounter during door replacement projects.

1. Drafts

A door should be airtight when shut, meaning air cannot enter or exit through the door. To test the airtightness of your door, stand next to it when it’s closed. If you feel any air coming in, there’s a problem. It can come through for a myriad of reasons, from a poor installation to worn-out weatherstripping. Call your door contractors to assess the situation.

2. Latching Problems

When you close gliding patio doors, the latch should keep the doors securely shut. If you can’t keep the doors closed or if you must push hard to activate the latch, something is wrong. First, check if the door can fit the jamb. If not, you’ll need to install screws to keep it in place. Otherwise, you’ll need to realign the latch area. You might need to remove and place it back in once you finish this task.

3. Screws Falling Out

Looking at the hinges and latch, you might notice a few screws loose. If left unchecked, this could cause the door to literally fall off. Examine the screws first. If they are still in good condition, screw them carefully back into place. Make sure the door is in the right position. If you see a faulty screw, replace it, but if the screw area is worn out, create a new pilot hole or fill the screw area with an adhesive that can hold the weight of the door.

4. Sticking

Do you find that your hinged patio doors get stuck when you try to open or close them? If this keeps happening, something could be wrong with the hinges. Examine their condition. If a hinge is rusting or there is dirt building up, you’ll need to clean it or replace it. This can also happen with sliding doors, in which case, you should check the track. It could be worn weatherstripping that’s blocking the movement.

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