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3 Great Jobs for College Students

Beautiful home nice windows in Washington

It’s that time of year again. As May’s flowers bloom, college students are finishing up the school year and returning home for summer. As happy as we may be to see them, it’s important for them to stay busy. Starting a new job that can help them with their career may be just the thing your college student needs. At Renewal by Andersen, we spoke with a few of our talented young people who have kicked off careers with one of our many entry-level positions.

Retail Marketing Agent

David Shamataylo loves this position because he enjoys interacting with customers and helping them achieve their window and patio door dreams. He says it gives him a sense of accomplishment, knowing that he is contributing to a great project. As a business student, the flexible schedule really works for David, allowing him to progress toward his degree while also making sure that he advanced his career.

David says the position is perfect for anyone looking to find a role where you can contribute, grow, and gain management experience. It’s very common for entry-level employees to advance quickly in these roles. In fact, that’s exactly what David did!

Event Specialist

Richard, a former event specialist, said the best part about the position was “meeting people in person and helping them find a solution to enhance the look of their home. I found satisfaction in watching their project come into fruition.” In addition to a real sense of pride of work, the flexible hours, great pay and growth in this position were perfect to help develop a sense of ownership. According to Richard, “developing skills in customer experience has helped me to understand business past a fundamental level and has helped me grow tremendously in my career.”

This job is ideal for the outgoing, exuberant, and even chit-chatty student. Event specialists are perfect for those who can spark up a conversation with just about anybody! Employees in this role can typically be spotted at big events like the Washington State Fair, or at a home show.

Call Center Rep

Is your student a sharp, quick-witted problem solver with a bit of a competitive edge?  They’d love to join our team as an Outbound Specialist. This position shares many of the same benefits as the previous positions.

Freya’s favorite story is about a customer whose waterfront home is featured above. The call was going like any other call until she asked why he was looking to replace his windows and was met with laughter. Apparently, he’d never been asked that by anyone in her position (he had been shopping around for a bit). It’s easy to smile and laugh when you know that it’s enjoyable After chatting about the project they knew that it was a perfect match.

Awesome replacement windows in Washington

When talking to him about the project, though, he was absolutely animated with excitement about the scale of the project, and very excited to work on something so dramatic!

Freya’s competitive spirit and ability to connect with customers meant that she went from representative to the team lead in only 4 months. Her favorite part about the position is that it is fast-paced and competitive.

Flexibility is key.

Finally, Renewal by Andersen understands the balance between educational success and success in the workplace. We position ourselves to be a key asset for students building their careers. Finding a career at Renewal by Andersen is easy. Click here to explore openings.  We’ll work with any student to make sure their schedule is considered, and that their workload is balanced.

As Freya said, “I’ve never known a company to entertain and promote such young people.”



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